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Classroom Finder Help

To find a route from one location to another:

First select or type search a location from the "where are you now?" dropdown box or alternatively, left click on a room on the map. Secondly select or type search a location from the "where are you going?" dropdown box or alternatively, right click on a room on the map. If you are looking for a place of interest or the nearest toilets, please click the related icon underneath the "where are you going?" dropdown box.

A route will then be created on the map. Whilst the route is being drawn, you can pause the route and replay it. Or when the route has finished, you make click play to re create this route.


If you would like a more accessible route, click the elevators icon.

If you would like to use stairs on your route, click the stairs icon.

To display or hide room numbers, click the Rooms check box on the right.

To print your route, click the blue print button on the right when active.

To switch floors use the arrows next to the floor number in the bottom right.

To zoom in and out use the plus and minus magnifiers in the top right.

When zooming in you can pan across a different part of the map by left clicking and dragging your mouse.