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Here at Erewhon Action on Climate Change we are doing our very best to keep all our members up todate with all the latest news in your local area.
5th March 2012

Activists Invade three local Petrol Stations

bp petrol stations On Saturday 26th November activists and members from the West Coast neighbourhood on the Action on climate change invaded the three BP petrol stations in Erewhon, on the Abbey Rd, Park Rd and London Rd, to protest at BP's plans to invest in the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada. Moving by bicycle 8 activists carried a banner reading 'Tar Sands Oil Is Blood Oil'. They handed out information on the Canadian tar sands and BP's plans to invest in it to customers and urged them to boycott BP. Many of BP's customers where shocked to hear about BP's proposed involvement in one of the dirtiest businesses on earth, especially in the light of its past attend to project a green image, and in some cases left immediately left to get their fuel somewhere else.

Written by joe bloggs
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2nd March 2012

Campaigners Invade Erewhon Tescos


Climate change activists teamed up with local residents to invade the Tesco superstore in Erewhon, Somerset on Saturday in protest at plans to increase the size of the supermarket by 50%.

More than 80 protesters took part, entering the store and embarking on a game of Tesco Whirl.

The idea is to grab a trolley keep it empty and form up with others to create a giant conga chain.

Written by joe bloggs
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Greenhouse gases rise

global warming

The global output of heat-trapping carbon dioxide has jumped by a record amount, according to the US department of energy, a sign of how feeble the world’s efforts are at slowing man-made global warming.

Written by joe bloggs
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